I had two things happen to me that inspired this post. The first was last night when the bar was playing an encore of the Phillies game on TV. I was aware that the Phillies lost the game 5-2 but I didn’t see any of the game. Here’s the thing, I had absolutely no interest in a replayed game and asked that they put on anything live. Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers was what ended up being put on and it was infinitely better than the replay. This also was the case with Wimbledon. I have no interest in watching tennis but while I was down the shore with nothing to do, I found myself putting on these matches for the mere fact that they were live. I’d rather watch live croquet than a replayed baseball game. It’s all about the element of surprise. Why did I italicize that phrase? People love the unknown. The unknown is more exciting than what any replay has to offer. Just my opinion.

My second experience had to do with a cockroach. I entered my bathroom at work to find a cockroach directly in front of me. Instinctively I smashed it with my foot. Much to the dismay to the cockroach, I only managed to crush his entire lower half and he still had the ability to squirm the upper half. I was fascinated. I ended up putting him in the toilet and flushing but not after I watched him try to swim with a half body. I’m sick I know. How does this go with the theme of this post? I would have never wrote this paragraph about killing a cockroach if I didn’t make it happen. It happened to me live and I didn’t expect it to happen. I just think it’s so neat that I would never, ever have been able to think about walking in a bathroom, stomping on a cockroach, only destroying half his body, and than watching his almost dead body squirm. Live events are awesome.