I’m fairly certain people stray away from long posts so I might just try to keep them short and sweet. I ran about 8 miles yesterday at about 7 minute pace and the longer runs tend to wear on my ankle a bit. After that Ck4 and I went to Kildares for a few drinks. Only 2 things of interest. I ordered a four horsemen which is Jack, Johnnie, Jim, and Jose mixed into one shot. Basically nobody orders this shot and it’s pretty gross but it basically proves how much of a man you are. If you can down this shot, you can down almost anything. The bartender said 100 proof whiskey is probably the toughest shot. The other thing to note was payment. The bill came in at 30 bucks and I gave her 50. She gave us 5 bucks off for the In The Biz card and also gave us a free round as we were leaving. So why am I tipping 66%? She’s not going to forget it. This is why bartenders get to know me and like me, because I buy their friendship. Why do I do this? Not because I want to feel loved but because when a bartender likes you, it has added benefits. Free drinks, better service, and for a person who drinks a lot it adds up. We left at 9 or so and then I Turntable.FM’d with Sam for a bit and that was the night.