Appropriately titled by one Mark Weller, we are on vacation in Avalon for the week. We went to the WhiteBrier happy hours at 6 or so and it was absolutely packed. None of use were drunk and it made for an awkward time. I’ve never seen a more entertaining happy hour though. After that we had a monster game of Scattergories that included about 12 people. Basically we had two people to a team and I’d say the game was successful considering the amount of people. I had Ck4 on my team so I was the only team of 1. Also to mention, Jess Baker brought over some friends to so it wasn’t a complete sausage fest. After that we went to the Princeton which I thought was entertaining but not too many things of interest. Bake had one to many Hoegardens and was talking up a storm to this young broad. I woke up at 9:30 today feeling fine and went for a run which brings me to right now. It’s 12:26 and I’m watching Ck4 and Jeff cut up some fish and try fishing off the dock. Apparently this is the year we catch a fish. I’ll check in now and then with this blog but don’t expect my full effort. We’ll see.