Bets I made and lost and how I’m doing for the season.
For the season I’m down 60 dollars as of today. That’s 3 weeks of gambling to only be down 50 bucks. I was pretty good this weekend picking Temple, Iowa, Wisc, SF, NO (thank you Evan) but lost Oregon St (nice bake…) Indy and Carolina (sorry for picking against you Evan, we’ll see if I learned my lesson). My new strategy is to just pick the game mindlessly without even thinking about it. I just look at the teams and think whose going to win. I’m honestly ecstatic that I’ve only lost 20 dollars a week betting on sports.

I’ve been playing a lot of poker as well. I’m in for about 450 bucks in the past 60 days and I have about 225 in my account. This is obviously not good but I’m positive that it will turn and when it does it will turn fast. I don’t even want to begin to explain what happens in some of these tournaments. The game is really fucking with me because I don’t lose on the flop. The game takes me to the turn or river and ends me with cards that just defy odds. I’ve been running about 20 tourny’s a day and I’m just waiting for my time because I feel like I’m playing good.

My posts are obviously going to start changing now that the winter is coming upon us. I’ll still do my tv posts with Curb, Dexter, Californication, and Entourage but I also will be gambling and drinking more and running less. I haven’t exercised in 9 days which is when the distance run ended and I will start up again but it won’t be my main focus. I’ll just stay in shape rather than try to be good at anything in particular. The winter is depressing, long and cold and I don’t like it.

Evan thought Sesame street aired in 1997 and I uncoil a slinky to 3.75 feet.