One of the strangest things I see are couples who are together and they just prefer to not talk to each other. As humans, we obviously have the ability to communicate with one another but when that leaves, what are you left with? Two examples from recent memory.
– JC and I went out for lunch and were sitting next to an older couple who didn’t say one word the entire time we were there. Maybe it’s being together so long that you don’t have anything to say to each other or maybe they just prefer silence. If I’m with someone there might be a minute or two of silence while I browse the menu or something but I couldn’t sit there quiet for an entire meal. I would feel awkward around pretty much anyone I know even if I’ve known them for a long time.
– While driving to work I was rear view stalking and this older gentlemen with, presumably, his smoking hot daughter who was probably in her early college years were behind me. We were both at a red light for maybe a minute and both of them just had their heads turned gazing out their respective windows. 1 minute straight, no form of communication. There could be reasons for this like they listening to the radio but it just felt really cold. Like you could cut the tension with a knife that neither one had anything to say to another.

I guess what I’m getting out in this post is that you can tell how good a relationship or friendship you have by the ability to communicate. Maybe some people have no interest in communication. I just feel that comfort level is one of the key components to good friends and companions.