I’m going to give a quick explanation of good music vs bad music. I’m picking two really random songs but I think they do a decent job explaining my point. The song Best Night of My Life by Jaime Foxx has a lyric in it that immediately puts it into the bad category. “Shawty you drinkin gon that Martini, I wanna see you in a bikini.” This sole lyric is enough to make me dismiss this song and say I dislike it. When we are referring to “good” music, the Beatles don’t have lyrics like this. Lyric’s like this are the reason no band is going to touch the Beatles. Jamie is creating pop music at it’s finest. Put together some words that rhyme, a catchy chorus, and we have a hit. Do not get fooled into thinking this is a good song.

All music in 2011 isn’t bad though. I want to point out a lyric from another random song and show you how lyrics should be written. The song is Next Girl by The Black Keys. The Black Keys are a good band that get little recognition because their music isn’t mainstream. The chorus to the song “My next girl” is, “My next girl, will be nothing like my ex girl. I made mistakes back then, I’ll never do it again. My next girl, will be nothing like my ex girl. It was a painful dance, I got a second chance.” Let’s consider these lyrics for a second. They are describing an issue that countless people can relate to. The lyrics make sense. The lyrics actually mean something other then I want to see you in a bikini. This is the fundamental difference between garbage and good songs. It’s why no bands are as good as they were 30 years ago.

And one more song just to show how ridiculous the music industry is.

Katy Perry is a hit right now. This song isn’t good, HOWEVER, its going to get air time as another Katy Perry single. It’s catchy, her lyrics are better then Jaime Foxx’s as bad as that is but she does something which makes these songs good. It’s simple, people relate to it. I have no problem with Katy Perry and her songs will continue to climb charts because she is now known for being good.