I really haven’t been posting much about my daily life and instead have been focusing on various topics, (best musician, klosterman questions, celebrity boobs) but I’ll take a moment for an update. After 3 years the living situation at Green Lane has changed and Evan moved out and Steve moved in. We had good times together but Evan decided it was time to move on from the post college, party atmosphere that is Manayunk. We’ve always gotten along well and didn’t have many complications as roommates. A new roommate will lead to a new social crowd and I’m sure I’ll be meeting new people who will be making the blog. It’s a fun time and change is good to keep everyone on their toes. Getting into a routine has it’s merits but stale behavior won’t lead to any progress. I’m excited to see where this leads.

Aside from that little tidbit, not much else has been happening. I’ve been running again and managed 3 miles at 5:51, 6:02, and 5:52 which isn’t bad considering this was 3 months post ankle breakage. I still have a long ways to go and will be incorporating some longer runs down Kelly near term. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting in shape again. I’ve been able to spend more time on this blog since I haven’t been playing online poker for the past month. I feel like it’s coming along from a quality perspective but my readership still isn’t where I’d like to see it. I bought a 12 pack of Cherry Cokes and have been drinking two a day. I feel like my stomach lining is being eaten. I’ve never been a huge soda guy and have pretty much eliminated it except for every so often, but now that I have these 12 and I have to drink them. I really like the taste but they just seem so bad for you. Ice Cream makes me feel the same way. With that being pretty much my biggest news story, you get the idea. I’ve set a record of posts for the month which is something to notice.