I was going to write a pre race post and a post race but forgot to so this is just the post race. I finished right around 1:20 clock time and I’ll probably be about 10 seconds under that. It was about 40 seconds slower than last year so I’m a bit disappointed. I went out way to fast and pretty much died towards the end. My 10 mile time was under 60 so I was on a nice pace but just didn’t have the legs. My feet started to bother me at around the 10 mark so I had to run the last 3 miles flat footed which wasn’t ideal but not too bad. All in all it was fine but I wish I could have at least beat last years time. I weighed myself at 175 which I think is a fine regular weight but I should probably be about 170 if I’m going be at my best running weight. I’m probably going to take some time off for a while as my running season is now over.

We played softball on Saturday and it was the first time playing any organized baseball in 10 years. We ended up losing and I definitely played like a tard. I stranded 2 men on with a pathetic dribbler to the pitcher with 2 outs and almost hit into a triple play when the bases were loaded and no outs. Plus, I let a ball go through my legs on a play I should have made and dropped a ball at first. Other than that though… It’s moderately fun and no one takes it too seriously (I think) so it is what it is.

I sacrificed this weekend for the race, meaning I didn’t have a sip of alcohol all weekend which is a rarity. I pretty much just stayed in and played poker and bet on games. I hit a nice parlay with texas tech and the under and now I’m rolling it all on the NFL today. I have a slew of parlays and bets that I don’t feel like posting. Basically, I’m down 40 bucks on the season with 110 dollars in play today.