I’ve been pretty pleased with the response to some posts lately. I know it sounds really stupid but I read every comment and helps me form future entry’s. Something as stupid as Sam telling me he wants me to finish the music list gives me the motivation to get it done. Jkash said I should include Jkash and he got a spot next to Jamaal Charles. When Bud tells me he likes variety, I know he’s happy with any crap I produce that keeps him a little less bored. Even when I rip on everyone of Laura’s comments I still feel some sort of satisfaction knowing she keeps commenting. I know from the readers point of view it’s like wtf is this guy’s deal demanding input from us but I can’t make this a better blog without it. Hafer, you can’t just dive into my pool and enjoy the water if I don’t know what temperature to keep it. I read everyone’s dumb comments and take them to heart. I don’t crave the attention as much as I value the input. Now I just need a few thousand readers so I don’t have to personalize this with these types of posts and then you can complain how I don’t relate to my readers.

After a long winded intro that I hope was mildly entertaining, I did have a point to this post. If you follow this blog, you’ll know I’ve been using Gusto’s list of artists as the backbone of my top 25 music artists. An obvious question would be, why don’t I use my own top 25 artists? I know it’s difficult to concede the fact that someone knows more then you, but if you always think you know everything, how can you learn? Now even though I don’t necessarily agree, or like, some of his top 25 artists, he has a more extensive music background and I’ve seen the work he’s put into his music collection to validate his opinions. I felt that his opinion of top artists held more credibility then mine would. I will at the end fit some of my artists so you can see what type of music I like, opposed to who he deems as the best.

I remember one class in college called American Literary Traditions and the main point of the class was to think for yourself. If everyone just thought like everyone else, there wouldn’t be any progress. Slavery was a subject in the class and how captivity hindered the African American race from thinking. Once we grew as a society and allowed this group of uniquely thinking individuals to think for themselves, they were able to provide us with thoughts, activities and ideas that previous cultures weren’t able to develop. I know this point coincides with my previous paragraph about using someone to learn from, but I really think the best way to succeed in life is to act as a sponge to someone who knows more then you, and then develop thoughts for yourself. I know I throw one of these, hopefully thoughtful, posts in every once in a while.