I know it doesn’t matter to most of you but it makes me happy that I could achieve 15 comments on a post. It just confirms that people do read this and have the ability to comment if I force them too. Hopefully with all that commenting out of the way, people don’t have to be scared to do so. My personal favorite was Laura’s though because I feel like she comments more then anyone and therefore has me blast her comments the most. Andrew Gourlay popping out of no where also made my day. I took the word blast from JKash but I think it’s hilarious. Putting things on blast is one of my new favorite things. I didn’t really have a good story about a 22 year old either. Basically she just came up to me, asked me how old I was, Ck4 said I was 23 and I said I was 27, we actually did hit it off for about 10 minutes and then I started twirling her on the dance floor and that was it. If I really wanted to bang her I probably could have been more aggressive and made it happen. She ended up talking to some bro about 2 minutes after I left her.

Some other parts of my weekend included a 20-0 romping in softball which just wasn’t even fun. I got swept by Gusto in 4 games of beer pong. We did Mad River on Friday and Brew Pub last night. We had a guest appearance by Casey which was fun on Saturday. I thought the brew pub was decent for what it’s worth. I haven’t really done much today and passed on golf like I said I was going to in the last post I wrote about golf. I haven’t been able to run in a few days either because since I broke my ankle and was forced into running a little differently and that screwed up this one part of my foot which is preventing me from running right. I had to give it a few days to heal. Late last night I ate this bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and the cook made it terribly. The egg wasn’t cooked and the bacon was flimsy. The biscuit was alright though.