This weekend was pretty uneventful from other weekends. I think people probably expect me to go into great detail about our softball game but blowouts like we had are better just untold. The other team played 4 or 5 girls, had them bat, and were basically inept. We held them to one run and tacked on about 15. Shee was the bright spot at the hot corner for innings 6 and 7. Bake and Ck4’s base running was abysmal but hardly worth mentioning. Sad to say that this game won’t get truly documented by me.

Friday was a pretty ho-hum night and Saturday wasn’t any better. I listened to music all day with Gusto on Saturday which I found more entertaining then most other options. Gusto has the biggest music collection out of anyone I know and has a genuine knowledge and passion for music. He made a list of the top 25 artists of all-time who I will share and give my opinion on his list. I could make my own but starting from someone who knows more than you is probably easier. Many people have problems admitting other people know more then them but without that understanding, how are you ever supposed to learn?

This the point I want to make. You can ask a 15 year old girl in the 2000’s who the best musicians of all time are and she’d say Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and Britney. She’s not wrong in her own mind but that’s the beauty of individuality and creating a list of this magnitude. Gusto and I talked a lot about music and why our current state of music isn’t producing sounds like the Beatles or Bruce. I think that his list of 25 artists will give people who generally don’t care much about music, an idea of someone who really likes music thinks is the best.

I just want to add that most people are clueless about music. People listen to pop music and songs with a catch but the artists on this list have more musical ability, more substance to their lyrics, and more creativity than the “popular” music of today. Songs of today are chasing the buck and not making good music. I will post 21-25 of Gusto’s list tomorrow.