I titled this post nothing doing because I’ve heard the phrase before and it just means doing nothing but sounds funnier. I spent this weekend sober and had a relatively good time. I was awake at 8am yesterday morning and today I was up at 9, had breakfast, and am now writing an entry. I plan to go to the range, go to the gym, and play a round of golf all in a single day. It’s a much appreciated day compared to waking up at noon feeling like death. I did do a couple of things over this lazy weekend though that were of some entertainment.

Friday night no one was around and I sat home and watched Million Dollar Baby which I thought was a pretty good movie. I feel like Clint Eastwood grimaces too often but the ending almost brought a tear to my eye. On Saturday we had a softball game at 11am and I went to the batting cages earlier just to make sure I could hit because I haven’t played since last summer. Coming off of a broken ankle I wasn’t even sure I could run properly but we had exactly 10 and I pretty much had to play.

Our usual pitcher, Gusto, was buying a car?! and Bake was the fill in for pitcher. The game started off with us looking like a little league team in the field. Missed tags, dropping the ball on a force, and other little errors which cost us 3 runs. We then scored 2 in the 1st with Bake hitting a perfect hooking triple down the right field line. The inning ended abruptly with Kope pulling a Gusto and leaving first base before contact was made by the batter. They scored another run in the second on some more sloppy play by us. The next inning I got on with a single, Christine behind me flied out and then Chuck D blasted a 2 run shot over the right fielders head to even the game. The play at the plate was way closer then it should have been due to a winded Chuck D running the bases. Some baseball was played until the 4th inning where Tim, in front of Jess Holland, walked, which loaded the bases for me. Big players make big hits and I hit a pop up to right field and was casually jogging down the first base line. Little did I know that I’ve been hitting the gym and the ball carried over the right fielders head and I got on my horse to hit my first career grand slam. Even running on a broken ankle I had the wheels to touch em all. That opened the game 9-6 and built us a cushion where we didn’t look back. We tacked on some more runs here and there and finished winning 13-8. Brian made a ridiculous catch in left center for the final out which could have been trouble. Bake’s pitching was a bit suspect and he walked a few more batters then I’m sure he would have liked but we came away with the victory on a brisk spring day. And Bake if you read this, keep me batting in between girls because the fielders play me like a schlub which can only help my stats.

After that I helped JKash move his stuff out of his apt in Manayunk into a storage unit in Montgomeryville. JKash and I get along pretty well and the move went off without a hitch aside from the one incident where we were moving his dresser. He was like “tilt it back so the drawers don’t come out.” No problem. Then he was like let’s put it on it’s back. So I’m like “uhhh, which is the back and as I was thinking about that the dresser tilted forward and the drawers fell out. He was acting quietly upset but the dresser is a 40 dollar POS from Ikea and I probably did him a favor ruining the drawers. In a non-gay way I really do like Jkash and we have a good friendship. I also like Amber, his gf, who makes me feel funnier then Seinfeld because she laughs at anything even remotely funny. After that I went home and took a sleep for a little while. I woke up and didn’t feel like going out so I watched deliverance which was a 4 star movie but I think should have been 1 star. I am writing up an entry on my other page. So it was a pretty uneventful weekend and I should have a golf update later today. Also on a Jess Baker suggestion, I will be posting player spotlights on these pages on the future so keep a look out and let me know if you like them.