I was able to run 3 miles today but I literally have a top speed that I cannot go past. Basically I can put pressure on my ankle but not enough to really generate any significant speed. I think that’s a start though and something to be happy about. I’m probably going to make an attempt to play softball on Saturday and most likely will just sit at first base which I honestly dread. I use the same mitt I had back when I played in 7th grade so combining the fact it fit my hand when I was 12 and we now are using a softball = not the best situation for catching balls at first. I’ll make do though.

What I haven’t been doing lately is writing down my ideas throughout the day of different blog topics and when it comes down to writing, I just don’t have anything to write about. Generally this happens when I back burner the blog for other things in my life and I will start paying more attention. My readership has been way down compared to previous highs and that tends to lower my motivation for making quality entries. Problem is I just haven’t been doing very many good activities. The Shee said my life was too routine and I do understand where he is coming from. Basically this is close to the 600th post spanning nearly 2 years of blog posts. My life isn’t exciting to fill all of those posts with interesting ideas. The most exciting thing in my life was taking some French businessmen who came to see our company to John’s Roast Pork for a cheese steak. Aside from that it’s your routine work, working out, sleep, repeat. I’ve really noticed I got out of shape from 5 or 6 weeks of not being able to exercise. I ballooned up to 180 with a loss of strength in every machine. This will probably take me a few more weeks to get back to my normal body. I also am selling my Broad St ticket if anyone has an interest being Tom Stortz for a day.