When posts get buried within the archives it becomes my duty to show you when I receive comments that you never would have known about otherwise. Just this morning I got this one on my post about the Holy Cross player being a pussy.

“The author of this article, which is probably the biggest compliment you can give this steaming pile of crap, is an idiot. But let’s put aside the idiot card for now and focus on his overall meathead side: “JC use to beat my ass to toughen me up and you didn’t see me filing suit. It’s called not being a pussy. Something that our society is seriously missing.” First of all Bruno, I’m admittedly taking liberties here, but I’m willing to guess you’re aren’t the best social commentator as to what is “seriously missing” in our society. Second, an unfortunate reality is that our society is NOT “seriously missing” misogynistic, empty-headed pricks like yourself. Guys like you seem to be everywhere, complete with faggoty tattoos, retarded tough guy lines, and right-wing rhetoric that you’re willing to share even though NOBODY ASKED. But look at me, I’ve written all of this, really as a form of procrastination, when all I really needed to say was something like “Go jump of a tall building.” So yeah…go and…go and do that. The tall building thing.”

When I get comments like this I just am so thankful that this blog isn’t more popular because I have a feeling these would be coming non-stop. I actually am happy that someone found that post so moving that they took the time to write such a lengthy comment. I know that I don’t have to defend myself but I will at least point out I don’t sport any faggoty tattoos, I don’t know any tough guy lines and my right wing stance is pretty minimal. Am I qualified to make a comment on what society is seriously missing? It’s called having an opinion and owning your own website. I’m well aware that no body asks for my opinion but it’s sort of required when you manage your own personal blog. My feeling is that this person has never played basketball in his life and doesn’t understand what the sport is about and therefore really can’t appreciate my opinion on the video. Basically I’m saying society is missing people who don’t wimp out and instead prefer to go crying to the media or run to the legal system is the point I was trying to make. I assume this is a random person because I wrote this post months ago and I’m not totally sure how people stumble upon it. I just try to put myself in some random person’s shoes, read my post, and then feel the need to comment on it and tell me that because I think the player is acting like a pussy, that I should jump off a building. Comments like these don’t bother me as much as I’m just surprised that my post can generate such hatred. To be perfectly honest, I’m still happier that the person decided to voice their opinion then to not have done so. I typically don’t back down from what I think but it’s nice to at least consider other people’s thoughts on my opinions. I feel the person who posted this comment probably over-reacted a bit and must know the player I called a little bitch personally. A final thought, anyone who needs to capitalize their words to emphasize their points, usually isn’t worth listening to. The line “NOBODY ASKED” cracks me up because things are only worth doing if people ask. Isn’t that the principal of why America is the greatest country on Earth because we have the freedom to do what we want? Nobody asks me to keep this blog and nobody is asking you to read it.