Sorry for not posting in a few days. I know I spoil people when I start averaging two entries a day and then all of a sudden go a day or two with no posts and people begin wondering what’s going on. Everything is perfectly fine, I just haven’t been doing a whole lot. I won 115 bucks playing poker at Harrah’s Chester on Tuesday night. The game is relatively easy and little to no risk as I’m rarely ever getting a lot of chips in when luck plays a role. Players bet sizing is atrocious and calling stations are the norm. I went to the dr today to get my ankle checked and he said that there is still some swelling but it’s healing perfectly. Basically he left it up to me and my common sense on how to proceed which is a bit scary.

The reason I titled this post was because I went “shopping” and couldn’t find anything to buy anywhere. Everything I saw I would just think to myself, “I can find that online for cheaper.” Stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales are cooked. They can’t expect people to buy a regular polo shirt for 75 dollars. It’s just absurd. Evan said he thought the same thing about Best Buy, where I also went, and their CD selection has gotten laughable. Dvd’s are a thing of the past and I also think the store is in big trouble. I’m a customer who has money and is looking to spend it and just couldn’t find anything I liked. I was going to buy a pair of shoes but they didn’t have my size so I was just like I’ll buy them online. That’s about it from me today. Jc’s birthday is today so we are going out for dinner.