So I’ve been posting lots of material lately and JKa$h is quick to point out that most of it sucks. I obviously don’t completely agree but I posed the question would you rather read more shitty material or less good material. Now in the back of my mind I’m praying that he picks the more shitty material because if he says less good material that could become problematic. I never know if what I’m posting is going to be well received or completely overlooked. I wrote 1000 words on one of the most recent posts and I just assume people read every word which is probably so far off base. I can’t tell if people actually read what’s on the site and since the feedback is little I have no idea if people enjoy reading it. I assume it’s just one of those things that “it’s a free website” and I will read whatever I feel like reading and move on.

JKa$h was also quick to point out that I need to do a better job marketing my blog and I do agree with him to a degree. If I was really serious about succeeding in the blogging world I’d be posting the link on facebook and probably tweeting my brains out. Personally this would make me feel like a sell out but there’s no doubt selling out can produce results. Smashed also suggested a bumper sticker or better yet the letters going across my windshield. I’m still considering.

Tonight was the playoff basketball game which I set the line at 19.5 and Team Baker did not cover the spread. I obtained tons of footage from the game and will go through it tomorrow and start posting some vids on my blog. They kept the game close in the first half with a 10 point deficit at halftime but then one of their guys got hot and opened the half with 4 straight 3’s to sort of put the game out of reach. Jess Baker, Marisa, JKa$h, Sharon and myself were the loyal spectators to watch the team sink in the playoffs.