It’s good to see that the Youtube videos got about 40 views which means people really do come to this site and not just fake clicks. I thought my title of Bud hits a J was incredibly clever and its moments like that where I wonder if everyone gets the wording. Ck4 and I went to Kildare’s last night and I am so out of drinking form. I had 4 beers and was literally bombed. Sure the Founders ale is 8% but I was just completely out by 8:30. I slept for 12 hours and felt fine today but that was about as much alcohol as I could handle. These weeks seem to be flying by and I need to get back into shape physically before the summer. I’m pretty much out of ideas for blog topics and as you can see on the left sidebar, I hit 40+ posts for the 2nd consecutive months which I think proves that I’m putting in some decent effort. It’s funny too because I was just about to write why the Jersey Shore wasn’t very good this season and I saw on Yahoo that they had a similar article. I can still give better reasons for why it went downhill then Yahoo does so I still might write it. I’ve also been reading the Berkshire Hathaway annual report and will make a post on that as well. My traffic has been decreasing of late for some reason and I’m hoping that this is just a phase. No real interesting updates but I wanted to post something for the people who check my blog every hour and get excited when they see a new post. I know that this is a legitimate feeling because every once in a while when I’m really bored I’ll check Sam’s blog way more often than I should hoping for new material to entertain me for a full minute. Well, here you go, 316 words of nonsense.