Every so often I take some time and give my readers an update of how my blog traffic has been and what keywords are driving traffic. Rnningfool.com will be approaching 10,000 visits in a months time. I’m currently sitting at 9,500 but a few more good days and I should get there. This will be a milestone and by far the most visits this blog has ever seen. My 3 main Keywords driving traffic are Suri Cruise, Tatyana Ali, and Alex Mack. Ashley Banks and Larisa Oleynik follow at 4 and 5. 7th on my list is Nathan Hafer which is pretty baffling. Technically all my traffic is driven by a couple of stupid posts I made about celebs and I’ve reviewed those pages and tried to figure out why Google sends people to them. I can’t really come up with an answer as I’ve tried to do similar posts and haven’t succeeded. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer for how Google sends people to pages but I’m not going to complain.

You have to give me some credit on my Insertnamesucks.com because I was right on the money for how people search. For the first year and a half of this site I wasn’t able to get google to send any traffic my way but this site is already finding its niche. I had 22 people visit yesterday which was also an all time high for the site. Most people get to the site through this site but an overwhelming amount of that number (7) came from people searching for Ellio’s pizza. I also have people who arrive there by searching for Tosh.0 sucks. I think I lot of people search for things that suck so I have high hopes for this site.

The best way for a site to take off is to have credible inbound links. If you look at my site, the only links I have are all sites I own. If you have a website and want to help me grow this site, I’ll be happy to reciprocate. Stop looming in the shadows and let’s make some traffic together. Also, I had someone tell me about good ideas to write in a future post. I will always take advice on different topics but what would really be great if people just sent me their entries and I can just read them and post them. Do you know how hard it is to maintain two sites with creativity? I could certainly use some help if anyone in cyber world ever felt the need to use my stupid blog to give their thoughts on a subject. My email is tcs141@verizon.net. This is a real email I check daily unlike my rnningfool@hotmail.com which I only use for porn sign ups and other distasteful websites. Just kidding..