After 17 days after breaking my ankle, today is the first day I feel I can at least put pressure and walk comfortably. This is still with the walking boot but with no assistance I can place one foot in front of the other with a bit of a limp. After a while of doing this though I noticed the foot start to tingle so it’s better off if I continue to give it time to heal. At least I know that the healing process is fine and I should be able to walk again within a week. I honestly don’t care if doctors say 6-8 weeks because this has been long enough and I’m starting to get tired of doing nothing. If I feel no pain, I don’t believe that I am doing further damage to the break. However, don’t freak out and start scolding me for not listening to orders, I’m still crutching around and will stay off of it as long as I can.

So the way I see it, I have 1 more full week until I can really do things again. I have a dr’s appointment next Wed and hopefully he will give me the green light for no more boot. Once I can walk I can finally start going to the gym and at least using the elliptical. This is easily the longest time since grade school of not exercising for me which is really starting to get to me. I notice small changes in my body basically expanding, a kinder word for getting fat. That just doesn’t jive with my way of living and I can’t wait to get back at it. I actually find the motivation from not doing anything to make me work harder to get back to where I was physically. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise because it gave me a chance to consider how lucky I am to be gifted with what I have and you never really know how much longer you’ll have them.

I’m just really getting tired with the monotony of Online Poker. Aside from going to work, where I’m barely able bodied to do anything, this has become me. I think I have proven to myself that I can beat the game. I final tabled 2 more 180 man tournaments last night and have been trying the master the push/fold recommended by SNGWiz. What it does though is takes my time. I’m devoting the majority of my free time (due to lack of alternatives) to this activity. I’m making what some consider decent money but it’s really just pocket change in the long run. It makes me feel that I at least cover my casino and sports gambling losses with poker winnings. The real problem is that the activity requires no physical ability and it isn’t conducive to being healthy. My health at the moment is at an all time low. I eat only fried foods, no exercise, and eat junk food whenever I want. Makes me sick. I can’t wait to end this phase of my life and learn from this experience.