So I’ve reached day #5 of my busted ankle and I spent the full day at work. I’m limited to sitting and talking so that sort of makes my duties easier to fulfill. It’s hard to get distracted when you can’t really do anything else. I’ve gotten used to crutching around but it’s a slower process and traveling longer distances can get tiring. I almost bit the dust today when I tried to take a shower and put some pressure on my bad ankle and nearly slipped. Everything you do can easily turn into something worse if you aren’t careful. Sleeping was annoying because I tried to sleep without the boot and then my ankle would start to turn in a weird direction and that would be mildly painful but enough to wake me up. I then decided to just sleep in the boot and that sort of helped but mid way through the night I ended up kicking that off. The worst part about this is trying to take something somewhere. It’s extremely difficult to clutch something in your hand and take it somewhere while on crutches. The holding of the item and the holding of the crutch don’t coincide so well. Someone needs to make a pouch on the crutch. I also don’t feel comfortable going anywhere on crutches. I just feel like a giant inconvenience and not only that but it’s a hassle to reach into pockets or move out of the way. I’m just hoping this heals faster than expected.

I’ll stop blogging about this whole process because it’s not that interesting but I still have to get my frustrations out of my system in the early going. I can’t imagine coming up with too many creative topics in the near term as my interaction with people will dwindle. When I was sitting in the room at the doctors yesterday I could overhear these females talking about this other girls hairstyle and this one lady much have said “it looks good, it looks great, I love it” like 3 times in a row. There would be a slight stop to the conversation and she would just blurt this phrase out. If I could have walked I would have gotten up and strangled her but alas. I’ve lost the feeling of depression now because I won’t need any surgery and it’s basically let it heal on its on which is finally a break. Everyone always uses that joke too and now I’m just like ha. Aside from people laughing when I’m hopping around or calling me a gimp, I should be able to make it through this unscathed. At least it provided for 3 days of blog material.