The Click Monkey
If there weren’t stupid click monkey’s in the world, there is no way in hell Facebook could be valued at 60 billion dollars. A click monkey is someone who is just happy to be surfing Facebook and joyously clicking any link that comes their way. Facebook is asking me if I want to “Burn up the Web with 4G,” or if I “need a degree for busy adults.” This entire operation wouldn’t work nearly as successfully as it does if people weren’t so goddamn curious or enticed by stupid ads. There’s no doubt that people who spam your wall with viruses were a happy go lucky click monkey at one point and it’s not such a laughing matter when you have all 600 of your friends telling you you are a tard because you fell for the “I’ve got a crazy picture of you doing something unbelievable…” I also feel like either the older you are or the younger you are you have a better chance of developing these habits. Meaning my mom or a kid in elementary school have a better tendency of being one. Once you realize no good will ever come out of clicking something out of curiosity, the world will be a safer place.

The Liker
I get it, there’s a like button and if someone posts something that you “like”, you click the button. When people post pictures, people like it. When people post quotes, people like it. People feel the need to validate someone’s idea with the old Thumbs Up. Is that what people are doing when they post status updates? They need the approval from the masses that it’s OK what they wrote or did. I don’t give statuses because I’m not insecure and I don’t need people to know what I’m doing so they can “like” it. Just browsing through my updates I see an update “love wins” and then two people like it??? Are they relating to the fact that this girl just got railed and they also got railed so they all like this comment? I’m assuming they are friends so are they liking it because they are happy for the other girl that love is winning. I would look at this comment and just think that this is one of the secret message posters who is trying to hide something in her update, that she really wants to tell everyone about, but it’s not for the public to know, but she wants the public to know that she’s loved, and it wins. Do Not Like.

The Picture Changer
Let’s just understand one thing, these particular types of facebookers are in no way bad, contradictory to the title, but it’s my blog and if it goes against the way I do things, then I consider it off. I rarely change my picture. I feel like it’s FACEbook and my face doesn’t change much and I don’t consider myself exceptionally good looking so I really have nothing different to offer to the facebook community in terms of good looks. I also don’t go many places and I don’t bring a camera so new photos of me are typically when I’m blacked out which don’t lead to the best poses. Anyhow, some people are obsessed with their photos. I assume these people have a narcissistic tendency because they believe everyone is always watching everything they do. Honestly if I were an Adonis, I’d probably change my picture hourly so everyone would have me in their thoughts constantly. I think also that some people feel the NEED to change their picture or else they are being complacent and looked down on disparagingly from the Facebook community. Posh.

The bottomline is that the business world is being shaped by Facebook whether we like it or not. The sad thing is that the people who benefit the most from Facebook, don’t even know what facebook is other than there are 600 million people and it’s a huge way to promote Ads or products. These posts are the micro aspect of it and I think it’s funny the way Facebook is evolving. In some sense I feel like it’s losing its luster a little bit. Too mainstream and it’s product has been out for 7 years with minor upgrades. From a social standpoint though, I can’t think of a better way to stay connected and for that reason alone it’s here to stay.