So I sort of hit a crossroad in what direction I want to take this website. Some people enjoy the celebrity posts and find it a good way to pass the time. Some people like the posts about me getting wasted and doing stupid acts of nonsense. Others only like it when I write about them. It’s just impossible to take a website and fit every person’s interest so that they are satisfied with each visit. I’m not going to go into it again but without a theme I can’t ever expect this site to take off (even though traffic has been better then ever). However, what I will do is maintain the site exactly as I have been. When Ck4 tells me that my blog is in dire straits, I have to laugh because if I tailored my blog around satisfying his interests, I’d have one reader.

Today was Valentines day and I was honestly depressed. Not because of not having a Valentine but because I was preparing my tax forms for my accountant and when I checked back to a bank statement I had in 07′, I have less money now then I did back then. Now my expenses then were practically 0 because I lived at home and had no car so it’s not a complete shock, but due to poor money management and lord knows how else I’ve spent money in those years, it’s just a rude awakening. Plus I wasn’t exactly feeling great from the weekend to boot. So it sort of just made for a lousy day. I did go to the gym and put in 4 pretty good miles which just confirms I’ll be fine for this upcoming 5 miler Saturday. If I can do any time under 30 minutes I’ll be happy but sub 29 would be ideal. I may even consider no alcohol for Saturday for a alcoholess weekend which is as rare as a non wiping deuce.

Some random things that I’ve encountered over the past day or so. I shot out each one of my keyboard keys and cleaned out the guck underneath. I probably have had this keyboard for 10 years and wow did it need to be cleaned. It’s like typing on a brand new keyboard which was long overdue. I also watched the movie Death to Smoochy which I wouldn’t exactly recommend other then saying Edward Norton is a great actor, average movie. I also have Shawshank Redemption on as I’m typing this. If you haven’t seen this movie, seriously do yourself a favor because it’s on tomorrow at 8 on AMC. I honestly put this in my top 10 movies of all time. Schindler’s List is another one that moves me the way this one does. I think it’s funny if you have people tell you their favorite movies and they spew off things like Old School or Step Brothers. Don’t get me wrong, I find Step Brothers hilarious but a good movie should give you that goose bump feeling that you know you are feeling something special. Watch Shawshank if you’ve never seen it.