After getting called out for not staying true to my “cash prize”, I’m going to outline everything to make this 100% legit. The celebrities will be more obscure but certainly recognizable. I am offering a $20 dollar cash prize which I think is more than fair considering it is coming out of my pocket. I consider this an advertising budget for developing a loyal fan base. I plan on posting the link on my facebook with a sentence that says “do you want to win $20 dollars for doing nothing” which I’m sure will generate some competition. I plan on posting the “eyes” at 10am sharp on Friday 2/10/11. The first person to get 10 the fastest will be the winner, HOWEVER, you can only submit one entry. Meaning, once you send one it in, that’s your score. So choose carefully but time should be considered. I would be surprised if anyone gets all ten to give you an idea of how long you might have but what do I know. I wrote that traffic is at an all time high and I’ve had 242 visitors today which blows away any record days total to date. I find this as a good way to promote the site in a fun, friendly manner. The 20 dollar prize would be secondary to the status of winning the contest which I plan to post the results after it’s over.

*I’ve also added a blog to the blogroll of a girl I’ve never met before because her posts are well done and she’s a better, wittier writer than myself. The reason is that I feel bad I didn’t shell out any dough for the Brodart crew winning today’s “contest” that I’ll do something nice and she can ride my blogs coat-tails to stardom. Fame is fame no matter how trivial.