2/10/11 1:08 *Edit #3. Matt Stackhouse has been the only person to successfully nail 1 & 3 (and the rest). Sofia Vergera was #1 and the elusive #3 was Taylor Swift. Tomorrow will be the real test. I will post it tomorrow at 10am. I don’t expect people to get 10 of 10 so it’s going to be who can get the most or the person who gets 10 the fastest. I will offer some type of reward. Sorry Stackhouse for today but if Hafer can get em…

2/10/11 10:39 *Edit #2. I’ve had about 10 people guess and most people get 8 of 10. I have only had one person guess #1 correct and no one successfully get 3. 1 is not Beyonce or Eva Longoria and 3 is not Audrina Partridge or Kristen Bell. Also I will create a second one with more obscure actresses as this was too easy. Breasts to come. Should be up by tomorrow.

I decided to try something different and I’m not sure how challenging this will be. I wanted to do boobs but settled on eyes. I’m sure boobs would have been harder. Anyway, I suggest using the comments for the answers but that will just give them away, so don’t. If you want to participate in this contest, which I will give away a cash prize, email me the list 1-10 to tcs141@verizon.net. First one with 10 correct answers wins. Go.

*Edit – If Hafer is able to identify 8 of 10, I have to come to the conclusion that he watches too much tmz, or it’s way too easy. As is, #’s 1 and 3 are still open. I don’t really care if you use the comment to guess at these as they are obviously the hardest ones.