This is a hard post to write, and I know most people have stopped checking this site, but I’ll move forward using it as a more personal approach to my life.

On about March 1st, I had ramped up my training for the Broad St. Run. 2 months later I had completed 3 miles on the track in 17 minutes without even prepping to do so. I was in good shape and felt ready for the 10 miler. I had trained at 7 and 8 mile runs as well as not to say that’s all I was prepped for.

2 Saturday’s ago I went golfing earlier in the morning, took a nap, and then went for a 40 minute run that I felt great on. Come Sunday, I woke up with my back hurting a bit. I didn’t think anything of it.

On Monday, my back was still hurting, so I took some Aleve and powered through a bowling league night. Not only was my performance not great, but on Tuesday I woke up not being able to walk properly. Every time I stood up there was a shooting pain in my back. I was essentially immobile until I had to bowl again on Thursday night. I Aleve’d my way through it to another pitiful performance that cost my team 1st place in the standings. I wouldn’t blame it on the back so much as I would on the Aleve. Either way, I took Friday off and tested myself on Saturday to see if I could run for Broad St. All things considered, I think I would have been able to do the race. Would it have been up to my expectations from where I was coming from? No.

Taking into consideration that this 10 miles would have physically taxed my body to an unknown state, I decided to forgoe running it for the sake of preservation. I could guess I would have ran 60 minutes. I’m not sure it matters if it was 58, 60, or 70. No one cares that much.

From my personal standpoin, I was disappointed. I had worked hard for a few months to get into shape, and an injury sprung up at the last minute to throw my world into a twirl. Not being able to run the Broad St. Bowling poorly to let a team down. Not being able to exercise since last Saturday. All of these culminate into not a fun existence.

I’m almost past this point of injury, but the mental aspect is a pain. Part of me knows that warriors battle through injury, and the other part of me asks why I think I’m a warrior.