The number on the Y axis is out of 100 and is pulled from Google Trends. Maybe it’s comprised of searches and a combination of factors.

    • Should Google+ be happy with their progress? I created a Google+ page and it was empty. More pointless because no one was using it. You can’t be good at everything I guess.

    • The decline of SnapChat is evident. It was a combination of changing their UI and it not being as entertaining anymore. I’ll use it from time to time, but it’s not a key App for me. I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint exactly why, but I don’t like using it.
    • MySpace falling out of existence shows how fickle these can be.
    • Reddit is popular and will continue to be. It’s where I pulled this chart from. The simplicity, along with a filter of actual users, is tremendous. The content is always top rate.
    • Twitter has me nervous. I like using it. I don’t tweet though because no one sees it. You need a core following for some reason to make it worthwhile to use. Brilliant people make brilliant tweets. Average people make average tweets.
    • Facebook on the decline. It’s actually happening. Taking advantage of the private info was too tempting and now their image is damaged. Oddly, Facebook owns Instagram and that is as popular as ever. It’s success? Simplicity. The average user can post wherever the hell they are and feel good about themselves. We’ve all done it before.

  • I get Twitch. Watching any event live is better than recorded. No way around it and people are using this platform to show events that would not otherwise get recorded. I googled “who owns Twitch” and the answer is Amazon. Very smart move on their part. They are taking over the world along with Elon Musk. Get ready to bow to Bezos and Musk.
  • I have never once visited Tumblr. I have no urge to look it up but I believe it is a place to make a blog.

These tools are the life blood of our society. Make no mistake. I like looking at what makes them successful. Bigger companies are taking over the world. Whoever has the money makes the decisions.