I’m liking the participation from the blog viewers as of late. The amount of comments in the past couple days probably doubles the amount I’ve gotten throughout the blog’s life. I’m glad that people finally come out from the shadows and write things about topics I write about. If I put myself in the reader of a random blog, I’d probably be hesitant to comment on things so I don’t take it personal. I thought I had a decent run of posts after a reader told me I was lacking on updates so I hope that sufficed. My material though was used up and I’m going to need the weekend to have some things happen to me so I can write again.

I think I learned that posts about “not my life” are superior than the life I live. For instance, the facebook post generated some interest whereas if I write about my stock picks and poker, no one cares. I think I have to keep that in mind when I’m writing, to focus on topics rather than personal events. By changing that theme and a title change, maybe I can start to draw a new audience. It’s like for the past 2 years I’ve built a small audience and given the details of my inner workings so now you all can relate to me because I’ve shared so much personal info. With the foundation built, it’s time to pick a subject and write posts that keep people wanting more. Like they actually read the post instead of skimming it because it’s a good read.

I wanted to take this next paragraph and write about tweeting. I really don’t get it. If I opened a twitter account and say everyone who reads my blog became a follower, what do you really want to know from my Tweets? Where I am so you can visit? Seems really stalkerish. What I think is funny so you can watch it too? The effort seems stupid. I’m supposed to tweet my opinions on subjects so my followers can know where I stand on issues? I’m not that insightful. I just really don’t understand the popularity of Twitter. Gaga apparently has the most followers at 7 million with Justin Bieber a close second. What are they tweeting about that’s so enthralling? Who cares what celebrity’s are doing because you’re not their friends so why do you care. Explain to me the function of twitter.