It’s 1:59 am and I decided to write a post just because. First a little about tonight to set the stage for the post.

I needed a strike in the 10th to seal a sweep and I left a pin. That pin was the 10 pin. I whiffed it left. I was 1 for 4 on the night and need a new strategy. The team finished 3-1 which was fine, but not that it all could be. It was a 580 series.

I went 1-2 on picks today losing the PSU-Utah under, the D-Backs – Rockies under, and winning the Spurs -1. It was a – $35 dollar and life moves on until tomorrow.

What I wanted to address was the blogs coming together after the aftermath of what I went through. I still don’t know where the information for these sites lie. Some on StableHost and some on Hostmonster. My guy, from Romania, has me confused. I have a hard time believing he’d do any act with malcontent, so I do trust him. I just don’t understand what happened.

With Sam being put on his own again, and his lack of posts, it would make sense to create a new URL to combine our thoughts. Our readers will continue to decrease as we age. We have to combine readers and then search for new readers among the group we establish. It only makes sense.

I can contribute with bets from the networks I belong in which should be valuable considering I pay for it. Sam can up his post with what middle 20’s people can relate to. There is a lot we could cover that as individuals, we don’t. We have to up our game. The effort will be put into the new URL with hopes of growing it.

I have a tremendous post on Silicon Valley and Rick and Morty coming up. Hopefully it can make it’s debut on the new site.