Stormy Daniels On Jimmy Kimmel

I don’t watch Late Night TV, or any TV, on network programming aside from sports because it’s filtered, censored, and the truth is shaped to how they want it to be. This is a perfect example. The interview starts with Jimmy saying that Stormy released a statement that denies her involvement that the affair ever occurred. Not that she was paid hush money. That it didn’t happen. So the interview continues in a half hearted manner with a porn start laughing and feeling uncomfortable because she can’t say anything because the US Gov’t probably threatened her entire existence is she kept blabbing. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  • Maybe I’m backward on this one but why does she deserve applause?
  • Look at her boobs rise when she’s heavily breathing early on.
  • She didn’t do the InTouch interview as it was written.
  • Horror movie is a whole other pay scale?
  • Trump watches Shark Week.
  • She thinks she’s a victim of “the internet” lately.
  • She feels guilt towards her family and what she is putting them through now.

I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for her. She tried to come out and gain publicity for ousting Trump and now she’s paying the consequence of notoriety of all the wrong reasons. Stormy weather ahead.

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