Ivanka Trump is ‘as dumb as a brick’ according to Steve Bannon, new book claims

Ivanka is a funny name. I was searching it and started thinking about the spelling and it struck me as odd. Anyway. Steve Bannon, former White House Strategist called her dumb as a brick which is a great insult. Scanning through articles about this subject, I came across this gem:

In discussing whom to appoint as Trump’s national security adviser, Wolff writes, Ailes promoted the former United Nations ambassador John Bolton, whom he reportedly called “a bomb thrower” and “a strange little fucker”

Now that’s a grade A insult. Strange – hard to ever be taken as positive. Little – a solid premise to every insult. Fucker – perfectly fit with the other two words. I like dipshit, peckerhead, little bitch, and the ultimate.

I got a little sidetracked there because I wanted to focus on Ivanka. I read a piece before that complained about Ivanka using her influence to promote her clothing brands. I found this odd because if she wore any other brand, she’d be promoting that too. What is she supposed to wear? So a part of me had a soft spot for Ivanka. It wasn’t her pretty face or banging body. No. No. Not that. Just to double check it’s not that.

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What can I say? I’m easily swayed. Do I care if she’s “dumb as a brick?” Not really. I think she should be promoted. Hell, give her the office for all I care. She’ll be blowing Justin Troudeau in no time and then the US and Canada can be united as a superpower called Cunited States. Horrible joke.

Is Ivanka well equipped to assume handle the position? Probably not. Apparently she’s dull. I’m not so sure. I have never even once heard her speak. I don’t really want to. She’s a hot chick in a position of power and I’m ok with that. Here’s the best comment from where I was getting those pictures.

It’s cool know the us president and I have jerked off to the same instagram porn