I’m sure by now you’ve watched the new special on Netflix called Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin. It’s a bit over an hour and fits the same tone of what he released 10 years ago with Killing Them Softly. He’s definitely older now (42), his voice is raspier, he’s not quite as funny, a bit more serious, and toes the line with racial and rape (Bill Cosby) jokes. I was laughing hard a few times.

My favorite part, and what I’m learning a bit more, is that people like relatable material. Weens told me that his favorite posts are the ones where I go to Dunkin Donuts. I get it.  People want to be able to say, “that happened to me once” or “I hate when that happens.”

My favorite part of the Chappelle stand up was when he met Kevin Hart with his son. He was introducing his son to Kevin and Kevin said, “do you guys want any food?” Dave was going decline and then his son ran up from behind and said, “we haven’t eaten in hours.” Then he started chowing down on the corn eating embarrassingly fast. The context being that Kevin Hart is at the height of his career and Chappelle is trying not to look like an old has been.

The only weird part of it was he kept touching his chest like he was smoothing out the fabric. It seemed like he wanted to make more serious points that concern society but people were there to pay for a comedy show…which he delivered. I would like to hear him talk as a normal human being instead of a comedian where there wouldn’t be as much pressure to perform.

I had perfect timing on Monday when I caught the Charlie Murphy / Rick James skit on Comedy Central. That is truly some of the funniest bits. Darkness!