Is the blog taking a back seat? Yes.

Will it continue? Probably not.

Why is it happening? It’s not for a lack of opinions and I seem to have extra time as I’ve been watching a lot of BoJack Horseman. So from a material and time perspective, it’s not that.

Why then? It’s more of a quality issue. I don’t want to be a Barstool where they scour Reddit and post whatever top option comes up to be known as a “blogger”. I’ve done that for many years and the results are minimal. I don’t think the people who read my blog necessarily want that. If I had to guess the people who read, who are generally people in my life, want to either be a part of the blog or feel the parts that I’m in that they maybe have faded away from. I still wouldn’t be able to answer why people visit this blog.

What’s the plan? When I get some free time I’ll start it up on a more regular basis. When our business year ends, there are many tasks that have to be done on a time frame that don’t allow me to sit here and blog. I’m still trying to figure out what “content” (I’m starting to hate this word) that I want to produce that keeps people entertained. I know no one cares about my DraftKings basketball results or lousy gambling habits. I’m sure I’ve written this before, I want to up the quality of the posts like WaitButWhy but not nearly as smart or long winded. Using my Photoshop skills to put together complete blog posts.

Is this another cop out post that reveals no information while trying to create a post. Yes.

Letter from the Editor:

I could write posts on how Carson Wentz going down was so Philadelphia. Or how the Sixers losing to these undoubtedly bad teams shows that they are still a troubled franchise. How the coffee lid on a solo cup has a hole in it (for the straw) instead of snap lid and it makes madder than anything on the planet when the coffee spills out. Why I don’t like studying German. Why my Photoshop skills are not translating to quality business designs. Why I get annoyed with Sirius radio.  There are probably 100 of these I could list that I could write about but I want to take a step back and put together more of a plan for this blog. This blog brings in between 400-500 people a day with the posts I’ve written in the past about various topics so it’s not like it can’t gain traction. It’s what traction do I want, how I want it, and then following through (Gourlay and Dale…). I know I can follow through, it’s figuring out what I want. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere and the posts will flow shortly within these next 10 days when I start getting some time away from this desk.