I went to the bank today and it was brutal. I heard 4 people ask what their balance was. How do you not know your balance in this day and age? I must be assuming that people have a cell phone or have access to the internet. Is this Congo? I’ve also noticed that people going to the bank have an affinity for not using the parking spots. They like parking right in front of the door. You know, in and out. What they aren’t taking into consideration is that 9 times out of 10, there’s a line. Do you know why there is a line? It’s because they promote tellers to higher positions and then they become too high and mighty to ever go back to being a teller. So when there’s a line of 10, and there are only 2 tellers, and there are 2 people in “management” who are texting their friends about tonight’s plans, the line doesn’t move. It’s asinine. I rarely feel like speaking up but in these situations I want to scream out, “hey, I know you know how to do this job, so help out not only the customers who have been waiting 15 minutes, but give relief to the tellers who want to blow their brains out.”