I’m going to use this post to explain the exuberance of winning and then the pain of losing and the emotions that go into it.

Not me.

On October 16th, I won 3k from a DraftKings tournament. I cashed out 2k and have been gambling with the 1k. Normally my weekly allowance for sports betting and DK is 100-200 a week. This week I was closer to $500.

At this point of the season I am down $300 in sports betting since week 1. Tack on another $100 for my Sunday performance which has its own little story. I joined Warren Sharp, who releases “pro” picks, and he went 1-3 (and technically the 1 wasn’t even one because he said the line was 3.5 and it was 3.) So that $100 got wiped out. I am 1 of my last 15 picks (with 2 pushes). Ice cold means a break is necessary from Bovada.

My DK performance was also bad this week as I cashed in 0 of 5 tournaments for a loss of $384.  My highest scoring team was $139.58 which missed the money by 5 points. Choosing the Rams D who went for 0 is what hurt my chances this week. I had good selections as well with Cousins, Kamara, and Cooks, but too many misses with Jared Cook and Kareem Hunt.

So I still have $600+ in my account but my feeling of winning is being consumed by the feeling of losing. When you add that my fantasy teams went 0-4, and one team is sitting on 32 total points, and I picked 7 right in the Pick Em’, I feel like curling up in a ball and waiting for the onslaught to end.

Here is where the important analysis comes in but I wanted to give the honest facts. There is an emotional aspect that comes along with gambling that is different from a steady Eddie who doesn’t ever get in the ring. The ring can be brutal. You’ll take your lumps. It’s hard to know when to say enough is enough but that’s where I’m playing from right now. After winning the money, I stepped up to bigger challenges. I joined tournaments that are higher dollar value and higher risk to reward. As I was telling Evan, there are only so many weeks left and the time is now. You can go through your entire life and never really put your neck on the line. There are times in your life where it can be appropriate to take it on. There are other times, when you have responsibilities, where it’s not appropriate. I’m not justifying losing money, I’m only saying that I wanted to take the chance and I feel the repercussions if it doesn’t work out. Life moves on. Everything will be ok. It’s how you get up that’s more important. I have faith this will turn around because with ultimate lows, come ultimate highs. Stay the course.