I’m going to give some thoughts that have evolved throughout my business career.

Day 1 – What’s an order?

Day 100 – How much money are we making on this order?

Day 250 – I see how we are making money, how can we make more money?

Day 1,500 – This advertising is working, how do we keep spending prudently?

Day 3,000 – We are getting a good amount of customers, but we have to stop wasting time on the wrong customers.

Day 4,500 – Fuck you wrong customer, we aren’t selling you.

I’m sure there can be about a thousand more revelations I could describe throughout my career, but this is where I am currently. I have been working the same job for coming up on 13 years and I don’t think this is too far off when you start learning what is important.

You can’t be successful selling a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves. Ketchup Popsicle? Narrowing down what industry you can be successful in, what products you can sell into that industry, and then who to sell to is the only way to see growth.