Buckfast, a caffeinated tonic wine, accounts for less than half a percent of Scotland’s total alcohol sales but is a factor in over 40 percent of arrests.

“Where Buckfast really packs a punch is in how much caffeine it has: a single 750ml bottle has 281 milligrams, or around as much as 10 cans of Coke. It might well be illegal in the U.S., where the Food and Drug Administration has banned drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine. In 2014, late lamented American party drink Four Loko was forced to change its recipe and strip out the stimulants that earned it its “blackout in a can” reputation.”

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For some reason whenever I take the first sip of Buckie it makes me puke, but then I just carry on and wake up in a gutter 48 hours later.

Do stupid things faster with more energy!

Story Time

I have never had Buckfast but I have some experience with MD 20/20 and 4 Loko. Anyone notice how Buckfast sounds like FuckFast.

My one friend in college, who had some issues, was big on MD 20/20 and referred to it as Mad Dog. When I was 20, I knew beer and wine and figured alcohol was alcohol. Freshmen year when my big brother asked me what my favorite Vodka was I answered Bankers to give you an idea. If you’ve never had MD, after drinking one of them you’ll have a good buzz. Two starts getting lights out. This one night I attempted a 3 spot and the results were detrimental. I was in a room with a fish tank and I was standing there. This was the room where the G-Bong was hit so maybe that had a part of this, I shockingly can’t recall. I started wavering back and forth and then just passed out standing up and put my arm through the fish tank in the room. Gallons of water started seeping down to the floor below and I stupidly tried to unplug the tank while I was soaking wet. Good times.

The other story I have doesn’t involve me but one of my friends after drinking 4 Loko. This is abbreviated because I don’t know the details exactly but our friend came back from the bar and couldn’t open the front door because it was locked. He decided to punch through our double pane glass that wasn’t even near the locked door. He punched through the first pane and then I don’t remember if he got through the 2nd pane. Either way he couldn’t get in, and there was zero chance of him climbing through even if he did punch through the entire window. He was bleeding everywhere and ended up sleeping outside.