So Ck4 was real excited to go to Mad River last night after a stint in Seoul. We got there at 9 or so and I probably drank 8 or so bud lights before 11. I was pretty buzzed when the band came on but the crowd was average at best. So I just stand there trying to act cool and I was approached by a couple girls. The first girl was maybe a 5 and she basically started grinding up against me and being weak willed I obviously obliged. So after a few minutes she turns around and does the head tilt going in for a make out session. Well there’s hardly anyone around and I’m not completely wasted yet so I just kept standing there and she eventually left. Towards the end another girl, probably a 7, asked me why I have my hands in my pockets and I had no idea I even did but I started talking to her and after a little bit that eventually went no where. Laura said that I talk a big game about picking up random floozies at the bar but I think we all know that the amount of girls that come home with me is negligible. Even though I say that I’m trying to pick up girls at the bar, which I am, that doesn’t mean I’m any good at converting them back to my room, just to clarify. So after the night CK4 and I got a taxi back and now I’m at work on Friday feeling like shit because of last night. When I compare how I feel now to the fun I had last night, I’d still pick the fun but days like these I just wish would end soon.

After proofing this last entry, I know that was an abrupt ending but I think I just got tired of typing about nothing.