I saw 2 “almost” interesting news stories.

Eminem Trump Diss Track #DonaldsABitch

I know it’s YouTube but I read about it because of this tweet

Original Tweet

Britt McHenry’s Reply

I follow Britt McHenry and Tomi Lahren on Twitter because they are hot smart. Britt either worked or works for ESPN doing sideline nonsense and Tomi got hired by Fox News because she’s opinionated towards Republicans. This tweet by Britt is like watching her head explode. It’s like “I like Eminem, but he’s not supporting the President, what am I supposed to do?” I’m not sure when our society decided that these women are were aren’t our best source of information, and I truly don’t mean that in a demeaning way, but

Pardon My Take Going To ESPN

PMT is #20 if you feel like clicking to view the top Podcasts.

Here’s Matthew Berry giving implication that ESPN is going to buy Pardon My Take. I have not once listened to Pardon My Take. I honestly have no clue when people listen to Podcasts, but it ranks near the highest in popularity on ITunes. If it’s true, just another piece of Barstool being subjected to the masses. Once the censorship starts taking place, it falls into all the other shit out there. The collapse of good shit continues (although you could make the argument I don’t know if it’s good, which is true, and I personally think it’s probably not good, but the point wouldn’t be as strong).