I’ve never been a coffee drinker till the last 6 -12 months. A #3, which is a bagel with cream cheese comes with a medium coffee. So rather than just order a bagel and juice I take the 49 cent discount or whatever it is with the combo. I drink my coffee with cream and sugar mainly because I don’t really like the taste of black but can find it bearable with cream and sugar. As the time has worn on I actually find a strong gravitation and happy feeling when I go to get Dunkin on M,W, and F. So what have we learned here? Someone who didn’t drink coffee for 26 years has suddenly become a 3x a weeker because of the addictive nature of caffeine. It’s just pure brilliance and why D&D is so successful because they sell a product that people get addicted to. Lesson being that if you want to become successful just start selling something that people either have to have or desperately need.

On a note of interest, I’ve started devoting more time to playing poker recently. I joined Deucescracked and watched a few videos and started playing SNG’s and MTT’s. After my final table finish on Sunday I had some money in my account to start playing. On Monday I had a successful day and profited a hundred bucks with some decent play and good luck. Yesterday not so much as I managed to give back 160 of it. I’ve got some kinks to work out, mainly getting involved in flop play where I am just investing too many chips with mediocre hands. I need to be more patient and get it in good. I know most people don’t care about poker but I generally write about things I spend my time doing so I’ll try to keep it minimal but won’t linger.