Adelaide Bird

I had $100 bucks on Gennady Golovkin last night, that if it wasn’t for a scumbag judge named Adelaide Bird, I would be the proud owner of $62.50. The 3 judges scorecards were 113-115 GGG, 114-114 Draw, 118-110 Alvarez. The first decision was a close one for GGG, the next an even fight, and the final is a wildly outrageous, decisive winner for Alvarez. 2 judges see close fights and the other a blowout. My best guess is that a mobster / promoter put a gun to her head and said Alvarez is winning. Why you wouldn’t make it less obvious would sort of defeat my thinking, but that’s possibly why it looked this way. I fully expected to lose the $100 the same way you would in soccer, but turns out it was a PUSH. I got my $100 back and was ready to put it to some NFL action.

While I was looking around my Bovada account, I noticed I had $16 of rewards to claim.

I redeemed the $16 dollars which didn’t go to my money account, but to the bonus funds that currently says $150 (it moved to $166). The bonus details had their own page on how to clear it with its own progress bar. Notice the “Total Balance” is $248, which in reality is $98 REAL money in there. I can’t tell you how fucked up it is that it says $248 when you start to understand how hard it is to get the $150. This actually tilts me because when I’m betting a game with $100 in the account, it makes me think I have $250, and I will spend more than I should.

Back to clearing the bonus. This is the table that shows how much % of each spin goes to the bonus.

Best way to get the bonus is to play slots. I started off in Caesars Empire where I was playing $.20 spins. I won a big 60x ($12.00) early on which made me feel a little more risky. I checked the progress bar and saw I was only 3% there. $.20 wasn’t going to get it done. I moved up to $.40 and hit another $12 spin. Things were flying as I got to 45% on the progress bar with my bonus dollars around $35.

I moved over to Cleo’s s Room which offered “Mature Content” (there was none), and started playing $1 spins. I hit early and had over $60 bonus dollars with 83% of the bonus progress bar. I would have liked to cash out, but I had to keep playing because there was literally no other choice if I wanted those bonus dollars to turn into withdrawable dollars. As the payout was getting close, I lost about 30 spins in a row as the progress bar and my bonus money started evening out. On the final spin the machine started going real slow and took 5x longer than usual as I lost my final spin. At the close of the session, I earned $2.33 bonus dollars.

Clearing a Bonus

There is a “welcome” bonus for the $150 which can be seen in the picture above. In order to clear that $150, you have to use your own money to clear it the same way I cleared the $16. What I just did to make $2.33, you have to 9.9x that. It’s a miracle that I cleared that $16 without going into my own money. Think about that, they gave me $16, and it would be possible for that bonus to say $0, while the progress bar wasn’t finished. Almost has to be rigged.

That $150 is a different story. It won’t go up or down. Using your own money, you have to get that progress bar to 100%. How smart is this? The question is how much money are you going to have to spend to clear it. Remember this is gambling. You can use $100 and go up $500 and play with house money to clear the bonus sort of like my experience. OR, you could quickly lose $100 and have to keep playing to get that $150. It could cost you $1000, which is my intuitive guess. Now you could counter with you have a chance to hit it big with that $150 and at the end you get it back anyway. That is the risk you take but Bovada isn’t billion dollar company because everyone wins.