I was going to write this post yesterday but didn’t have the time which makes the timing of this release poor.

I missed Thursday night’s game by choosing the Bengals. They were giving 6 points at home and covered for exactly 0 minutes of the game. I’m in 2 pick em’s and obviously missed them both. The game was atrocious by the way. Almost unwatchable. After suffering through 3 and half quarters, I was waiting for Andy Dalton to bring the action at the end and it never came. Punt after punt. Horrible football. I have had a weird Andy Dalton feeling throughout his career, at first I thought he was garbage, then I thought he was underrated, now he’s garbage again. I have this same career arc with Flacco.

What I want to touch on this post is getting the Thursday night game wrong is the absolute worst. It sets up the weekend in a bad light when I miss. This game was the epitome of too easy. The Texans are trotting out a rookie and the Bengals are at home after an embarrassing shut out. Perfect time to rise to the occasion and make a statement. Apparently if I think it’s the perfect time, I should go against my “perfect” feeling. When I miss the Thursday night game, not only do I most likely lose money which rarely makes me happy, but I feel like an idiot until Sunday when I get another shot to lose that feeling. Not fun.