My day job atmosphere consists of me and Jeff. We don’t compliment each other. The work environment is get shit done and don’t expect a pat on the back for doing your job. As of late I’ve been working with a group of people in an association. Since no one gets paid in this association, you’re not required to do anything. So whenever I do work, it gets lauded with “looks great” and “great job”. It’s this insincere motivation that I don’t need.

I’m not emotional. Life is life and it can be over in a blink of an eye. When I’m driving down the road at 80mph’s there is always this doubt in my mind that the tires are going to fly off and I’m going to go careening mid air and wondering if the air bag will save my life. This thought didn’t enter my mind when I was 16. As you age, you start to appreciate how easily life can be taken away. Now it’s probably rarer than I think, but it can still happen. This leads me to the first sentence, I don’t get emotional when I know that life is what it is.

I’ve been watching Power and Tommy will kill a wanksta without thinking twice. No regard for the other human’s life. Rolla had a family! I’m getting off course a little bit from my main subject. People who say “good job” are probably good at not doing a “good job”. It’s like they are giving praise for work that they have no intention of producing. You can get away in this world by only producing compliments. It makes you fit in and become well liked but that doesn’t mean that it’s sincere. I’d much rather someone tell me “that sucks” than appeal to my insecurities by saying “it’s good”. Tell me this post sucks!

BTW, Pats – 9 tonight for 8 units. Count it @ even money.