After being under weather last week, my body and brain were unable to perform at peak condition. This led to a minimal blog posts, reduced exercise, and a general sense of depressing well being.

I had a relatively quiet labor day weekend where I blacked out exactly 0 times and routinely was above average in activities I participated in. I became the 3 and 1 man going up 8 units on the season with a gut wrenching GT cover against Tennessee. My Draftking bets all lost like they usually do. I’ll be betting on the game tomorrow but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Every time I bet on the Chiefs I lose and every time I bet on the Pats I win. Sounds simple. The only reason I’m leaning Pats is because I would hate to get pumped to watch the game then have Brady open it 14-0 in the first 5 minutes and ask myself why the fuck did I ever bet on Alex Smith. I’ll update tomorrow I’m sure.

My other good news is that I’m finally able to run again without Achilles problems. I ran 4 of the last 5 days virtually pain free. I’m taking today off to fully heal and then I imagine I’ll be back to normal. I did manage a 17:20 3 mile time on the track so it won’t be long before 17 is in the dust.

Not much else going on and I’m so freaking busy with work and customer that even taking the time to write this I look at as better than nothing. Here’s to another shitty entry. I also started watching Power if anyone else likes that show.

Watch this ridiculous GOT / Fantasy Football Video
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