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Shoutout to the Shee for last night’s pick as the kid is getting off to a hot start to the betting season. How did he know that Buffalo would cover the 22.5 spread against Minnesota last night? I have no idea.

Will I bet on almost anything? Yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s baseball, soccer, Nascar, or track and field. If people or cars are running around in circles, or professional athletes are tossing or kicking a ball, that’s all I care about. PGA Dell Technologies Championships starts today and I have 3 DK lineups that consist of guys like Patrick Cantlay,the Kuch Man, Old Charley, and Louis. If anyone watched Louis on Feherety, how can you not like the guy?

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  1. Addasheee September 1, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Do I think it is still 50/50 with every bet and any betting logic doesn’t really carry any weight? Yes.

    ***Stephen A Smith voice*** HOWEVA

    Of all the bets I have ever made over the past decade+, I would say that a reverse line movement is where I have had the most success.

    Public heavy on one side, yet the line moves in the other direction- you want to be with the sharps.

  2. baconwood September 1, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    I recall a home-movie where your dad forced you, Jeff and Laura to bet on your hermit crabs crawling across your kitchen floor… Maybe it is hereditary…

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