I was perusing failblog and they had a basketball camp that was going on and today’s headline was “Martin Luther King Jr Day Shooting Camp.” I had an experience today and I’d like to relive a scenario at Dunkin Donuts this morning. So I walk in and there is only one person in line and I from just overhearing how she’s ordering I can tell this is going to be a nightmare. She’s trying to order a #8 but she wants it on #6’s bread and she wants the cheddar cheese from #2 instead of the American. She then wants her bacon extra crispy and she wants “extra extra” cream in her coffee. Literally anything she ordered was completely customized to exactly the way she wanted it and thus proving to be a real headache to the guy at the register. It’s one thing if you are allergic to onions and order something without onions but it’s a completely different matter to change the establishments menu to your satisfaction. I just stood there and thought to myself “does this woman have any idea she’s clueless or does she just live this way thinking everything is normal”.

So that got me thinking that not everyone thinks like me and may not think that what I think is moronic, is. Like that last sentence. I guess I think it’s just interesting that there are 6 billion people on this Earth and it’s impossible to think that everyone should think the same way. I think understanding that and not being closed minded in your thinking is important to becoming a better person. But I will never say it’s ok to do what Dunkin Donuts lady did today and she’s lucky I don’t have any balls because I would have told her how absurd she was being and if it was my Dunkin Donuts I would have taken her food to the back and busted some special sauce in her bagel hole. I know that doesn’t make sense but I still find it funny and it’s even funnier because me saying that I don’t have any balls would make that particular possibility impossible. I’m off the rocker today.

Final thought and it pertains to music. I like when songs are clever in their lyrics. For example double meanings and I’ve come across two recently. First being from the new Britney single “hold it against me.” The lyric “If I want your body now, would you hold it against me.” The obvious double meaning from the lyric is clever and she obviously didn’t think of it. The second being from Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out for Summer.” I heard this playing in the movie Dazed and Confused and the lyrics “We’ve got no class, We’ve got no principals.” Since schools out there is no more class and no more principals to go along with the rebellious nature of the lyrics. I’m sure I could find hundreds more but I just wanted to point out that clever lyrics add to songs. I’m also not saying that Britney’s song is good but I guarantee it gets airtime. #1 dl’d song on Itunes.