I swear to god if someone steals this idea for a novel or movie, I’m going to be pissed. REMEMBER, YOU READ IT HERE FIRST.

Here is a snippet from what I think is a fantastic premise.

Character – Steve
Account Balance – $200
Withdrawal Amount – $160

Steve drove 6 extra miles out of the way to save on the $1.50 ATM fee if he would have used the one by his house. This scene is the perfect example. He was recently fired from his job at Pet Smart, excuse me, laid off, but you wouldn’t know the difference. This means that money is tight and his chronic habit isn’t cheap. In order to reduce the weight of the situation he’s found himself in, he withdraws 80% of his money in order to buy a half ounce (16 grams) of that sticky icky from Luke, his neighborhood drug dealer.

The plan is simple: His preppy friend Cliff from the suburbs said he’d take an eighth (3.5 grams) which he can over charge him at $120. He also made sure to short the bag .2 because he knows Cliff doesn’t have a scale. Zach is penciled in for a gram which is an easy $20. Swiggy from the freshmen dorms is also in for a gram which won’t last the night, but money is tight when your a frosh. He’ll be back for more. Finally, Lindsay, his girlfriend Cait’s on/off again friend said she’d take an eighth, which he’ll discount $10 bucks because he’s trying to work a 3some between them all and every small gesture helps. That means that 9 of the 16 grams are sold and he’ll have made 80 bucks and still have 7.2 of the grams left which is worth at least $100. Sweet Livin.

Steve found himself in hot water when his latest drug deal went awry. His best friend Louis fronted him 3 ounces to move around campus. One night he got black out drunk as he was traveling with his backpack full of the weed for delivery and found himself cornered by 3 local thugs who caught word he was holding. Bye Bye $900 of merchandise. Now he was walking the fine line of trying to get the money back to Louis without him knowing what happened. At this rate it was going to be tough but if he could manage to keep slinging, he’ll dig himself out of this hole. No. No. Dig up stupid.

So that would be the first character. Then you’d have another character and you’d get a feel for each person based on how much money withdrew from the account. There’d be a guy who has $300,000 and he’d withdraw money out $20 at a time and you’d see how he lived. All the characters would then be intertwined somehow which I haven’t thought out yet. 

What do you think?