The older I get, the more I cherish being alive. When I watch people getting hit with golf carts, jumping off of roofs, and skydiving from 10k feet, I get the willies. I never used to think this way. When I was 10 years old I loved to wait in line to ride Steel Force. The ignorance of death allowed me to not worry about the fragile nature of it all. Now I have a different take. With this intro, I present to you a few of my No-No’s. This doesn’t mean I would never do this, I’m only acutely aware of the situation.

Whale Watching
The great blue yonder is not to be messed with. Do you see how big that product of nature is? If it was having a bad day, I don’t see why he couldn’t flip the boat and swallow everyone Jonah and the Whale style. Oh, he’s a nice whale? Really? Really? You had a conversation with that beast and he promised he wouldn’t do that? Get a grip.

I don’t like them. They are sneaky, slimy, and venomous. You won’t even know they are coming. They could be in your bed right now. They are flat as can be and are stealth carnivores that would swallow you whole if they could. Not a fan just like Indiana Jones

I have no doubt that amusement park rides have 200 safety check features before people get on them for safety sake. My concern is if one of these checks malfunctions or if the safety man drank a fifth before he showed up to work. You never know and one way I don’t want to go is careening off the track as I make a brutal indentation on the Earth.

If you couldn’t tell by now, the ocean freaks me out. It goes down. Humans don’t know about down. Bad ass creatures live in what constitutes 75% of our Earth of which I would consider it relatively unknown. You can’t tell me that there aren’t more badass sharks that eat these weak sharks that we’ve seen. It’s like the sharks you see are scared of the sharks further in. When I go in the ocean, I make sure it’s never at depth further than my knees.

Random Bullet
I’m not a fan of guns. I was at a shooting range once and all I could think about was the maniac next to me opening fire because he’s a loony tune. I don’t trust people and certainly not ones with guns. Whenever I go for a run, I’m always on the look out for a drive by or a guy looking to pop me for my wallet. Rough way to go through life I understand but one shot and it’s over. Always be prepared.