I noticed my last 3 months of post totals were 20, 20, and 17. This is coming off of 11 straight months of 20+ posts which would indicate a decline. This month I’m only at 8 (this is 9) and it’s already the 18th. There are a few reasons for this which I understand when I look back at posts from previous years.

  • Original Content – This is the main reason why my post numbers are down. Since I don’t post as much garbage, it takes me longer to produce posts. With the business that is running, my free time is not what it once was (I used to post a lot at work). When I can’t post at work and I don’t post on the weekends, I’m left with some hours that I’m awake that I’m not always blogging. If I felt comfortable posting in 30 minutes, I could poop out posts a plenty, but I’m hoping to keep the quality up.
  • More posts ≠ Better – Yes that’s right, I used an unequal sign for the first time ever. Back on track, I look back and I’d posts gifs and videos which are found everywhere nowadays. Barstool is making a mockery of itself by posting videos that are found on Reddit day after day. If you don’t read Reddit, you think how original they are, but websites need more than regurgitating what every other site has to differentiate. Not that this website will ever have quite the following, but it seems that consistent, original content is what people crave. Which technically goes against the title of this section but it’s too late to change it. More posts are better, but not necessarily trash posts.
  • What To Post – Easily the hardest part of blogging. Topical events are great but people read these everyday from analysts who are way smarter than me and have far better sources for material. No one cares what my thought is on some athlete who made the headlines for being dumb. So that makes me have to be me and come up with topics that no one writes about that relate specifically to my life. I’ve grown wise to the idea that Google is not going to send people to this blog to read about my life. However, if I find a topic that I create meaningful info on, then perhaps it will be read again after it falls into the website’s indexed abyss.

The GoT post is a good example of a post that no one else can write but me. Most people can give reviews of the first episode and what they believe will happen. I can take a position that no one can take because it’s my own personal viewpoint. I’m trying to do more of that with posts but it’s hard because they don’t always pop up on a daily basis. As these years go on, I like to think the blog evolves to a higher form but it is what it is.