Today I completed a track workout for my 4th day of running in a row. The Temple track is about a 10 minute run away from my house and I discovered that they allow public access which has me pretty pumped. I haven’t ran on a track since the Roxbourogh high school days.

I started with a two mile workout with quarters at 1:15 and then a rest lap at 1:45. I started off in an 80, 100, before hitting 70 on the 3 fast ones and a range of 1:35-1:50 on the other three. I accidentally reset the watch to destroy the exact times which kind of blew my mind. I then took a breather and ran a 2:34 800 which was about all I could muster up.

The reason I write that I’m happy to run 4 days in a row is because I’ve been sidelined with a blister, tweaked ankle, and messed up knee for the month prior. While I was unable to run while the blister healed, the other parts got better too. I’m finally pain free again until I overwork myself and start complaining.

My mind and body are right finally and when this occurs it makes it much easier to blog. Even though I’m writing about nothing, I still feel the creative urge to want to put words on this blog instead of the alternative. I’m going to keep trying to pump out entries as I see fit.