I went to work today because this little bit of snow isn’t going to deter me. All the streets are fine and even the side streets aren’t bad. I love how people get all worked up that there is going to be a blizzard that they just get in their minds that they won’t be able to go about their day normally. Like I’ve said before, I just wait to see what happens and then I make my mind up. If I thought the snow was too bad to drive in, I wouldn’t drive. If, like today, the roads are ok and everything seems legit, I’ll perform my normal routine. We probably got 4 or so inches of snow and this certainly was on the light end of what was expected.

I have to go to the Oral surgeon today to get my dental implant checked out and see if it did indeed get loose. This could result in more pain and more money, neither of which I’m too excited about. The whole incident was a debacle and unfortunately I’m still paying the price. If it does get bad though, like having to remove the implant, hopefully they’ll give me some good pain meds. If that is the case I know that the bone heals around the implant and it’s already been 3 months of that so I can only imagine what has to happen to pull that damn sucker out.

A funny story from last night. Ck4 and I had a few drinks at the Bayou and it started snowing as we were in there. We left at 11:30 or so and we saw some new channels weather men doing reports. Well obviously Ck4 is intrigued and starts talking to the guy about the NAM and the GFS and these 2 are like peas in a pod. The weather guy, who was our age, does a live report about the snow which was pretty cool. Then him and CK4 start talking about the Zig and the Zag models and I just had to let 2 weather geeks have their fun together. I guess I just don’t really understand the obsession behind forecasting. If it comes, it comes, and then you deal with it.